Rue des Consuls, Rabat

Childhood Memories
Carpets, pottery, wooden and stone sculptures, silver jewellery: you will find your heart’s desire at the crafts souk in the city of Rabat, located on Rue des Consuls. But why on the street of consuls? In the 17th century, foreign diplomats had to live on this street. It was an obligation. A restriction as well? Not really, since it was here that local pirates and corsairs sold their booty. Following a treaty signed with the Sultan, diplomats had the right to purchase these goods. It is said that the bargaining was epic. To the point that a French diplomat, who drove a particularly hard bargain, ended up thrown out, sent back to France. Conclusion: come make your purchases, bargain as much as you like, but not too much. Rue des Consuls, Rabat
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