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Discover traditional Vodka making process in Krakow​

Hard to think of a better place for a vodka museum than one where the walls themselves serve as a testament of the years when numerous laborers were involved in vodka production. The neighborhood of Krakow Fabryczna is a place with more than 100 years of history, where the Polmos Vodka Factory has been based for the last century.

Fabryczna 13 offers you a history lesson while tasting regional flavors and local experiences. The museum tour through several centuries of Polish liquor history begins with a film screening in an intimate cinema room. Then, during the hour-long tour, you are invited to interact with exhibits and multimedia stations. A guide is here to explain the story of the development of distillation over the centuries. You will also learn about ancient production methods, recipes, and the place of vodka in Polish history, culture and in the economy. Fabryczna 13 is the only museum which boasts a collection of authentic distillery equipment forming a complete technological line to produce spirit. You will end this experience by a short tasting.

Recommended by Mercure Krakow Fabryczna.

Vodka Factory museum

PLN 79

Fabryczna 13, 31-553 Kraków, Poland

200 m

Book by calling the 881970610 or directly on the website

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Fabryczna 13

31-553 KRAKOW


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