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Discover the flavors of Sicily in a traditional market in the center of Palermo​

The Capo market is a must-see in Palermo. Located in an ancient district known as Seralcadio, the Capo market is the most authentic and traditional market in town. It offers insights into the history of Palermo, formerly under Arab domination. Enter through the famous Porta Carini and immerse yourself in the gastronomy, flavors, colors and history of Palermo. 

Discover the Capo market, a truly lively landmark, by first smelling the various odors emanating from the many stations selling typical Sicilian food. Then take a minute to talk with the vendors, who will speak with passion about their local products, harvested or made with care each day. Finally, taste what they have to offer, such as Arancina, a saffron rice ball filled with peas, meat and cheese and fried in breadcrumbs.

Recommended by Mercure Palermo Centro.

Capo Market Tour


Via Cappuccinelle, 90138 Palermo PA, Italy

1 km

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