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Learn to cook regional Polish dishes from Silesia​

The Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park is an open-air museum covering an area of 22 hectares, featuring over 70 historic wooden buildings from the region. The park regularly hosts various workshops, shows, and outdoors events, including Craft Day, Honey Day or the Harvest Festival. Additionally, some catering activities are still carried out in the Historic Inn.

Take the opportunity to partake in diverse activities. You can engage in a culinary workshop organized by one of the farmsteads after visiting the museum. Here, you can learn the recipe for the traditional Silesian Dish known as “Karminadle with Panczkraut”, a delightful fried meat dish with potatoes and cabbage, concocted by families during traditional celebrations.

Recommended by Mercure Katowice Centrum.

Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park Museum

PLN 10

Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park, Parkowa 25, 41-500 Chorzów, Poland

6,8 km

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