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The UK’s Most Popular Takeaway Names

From Golden Dragons to Charcoal Grills, what's the most popular takeaway name where you live?

We all love treating ourselves to a takeaway from time to time, and we all have our own favourites. Walk down any high street in any town or city and you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice - from kebabs and pizzas to curries and noodles, and just about everything in between!

While there are plenty of options to choose from, there are certain takeaway names you seem to see over and over again. But is this the same across the whole country? What is the most popular takeaway name of them all?

To find out once and for all, we compiled a list of over 190,000 takeaways from all over the UK, analysing the results to uncover the most popular names.

Taking the top spot as the most popular takeaway name in the UK is ‘Charcoal Grill’, with 215 different outlets going by this name. The confidently named ‘Best Kebab’ comes in second, with 184 separate appearances in our study. ‘Munchies’ comes in third place, with 174, followed by ‘Golden Dragon’ with 141.

Explore the map below to find out what the most popular takeaway name is where you live.

the best of the rest
With so much competition, lots of takeaways rely on their name to help them stand out from the crowd – which meant there were some pun-tastic entries in our list. 

Did you know, there are 459 chip shops that misspell ‘place’ as ‘plaice’, including ‘The Right Plaice’, ‘My Kinda Plaice’ and the double-punned ‘Manchipster Plaice’? Sticking with fish and chips, there are 75 ‘Codfathers’ in the UK, making hungry customers an offer they can’t refuse

Meanwhile, down in Bristol there’s a mobile kebab seller called ‘Jason Donervan’, named after the Australian heartthrob and star of Neighbours. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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