Amazing Megalithic Temples of Malta

There is a widespread perception that Malta is just a sun and sand destination, but this image of coastal tourism and paradisiacal coves with crystal-clear waters is only a small part of the country's appeal. Go on an excursion in Malta to discover that sometimes in the middle of nowhere, sometimes nestling between modern buildings, you'll find megalithic sanctuaries with over 7,000 years of history. Visit the temples in Malta today and do it while staying at the Mercure Hotel in St. Julian's!

Megalithic Temples of Malta: humanity's oldest constructions
If the Pyramids of Egypt overshadow these sanctuaries, it is only a matter of height. The megalithic temples of Malta, scattered across this small archipelago, were built between 5,000 and 2,800 BC and are the oldest human constructions in the world. 

Few people know these well-hidden secrets of the country, but for lovers of prehistory and the so-called Age of Temples, they are a gift from the civilisations that populated these lands several millennia ago. Although the characteristics of their use remain a mystery, everything suggests that these sanctuaries served as the setting for religious practices linked to the deities of fertility and nature.
The 5 Most Amazing Temples in Malta
The temples in Malta are scattered all over the island, although they still share some common characteristics. They are constructions built with stones weighing several tons and with an interior layout around circular chambers that together form the structure of a tree or cloverleaf – making them a fantastic tourist attraction in Malta. 

This curious layout has for centuries fuelled legends about the origin of these sanctuaries and about a civilisation that seems to have disappeared abruptly before the arrival of the Phoenicians. Thousands of years of history have not been enough to solve the mystery that still hangs over the megalithic temples of Malta.
Located in the southwestern part of Malta, a few kilometres from the capital, Tarxien Temple shares space with the buildings in this small inland town. The temple of Tarxien stands out above all for the floral decoration that can be seen on a large part of its stone blocks. From the finds made in the area, it is thought that it may have originally been a tomb dedicated to funerary rites at a later date. 
2. Temple of Ħaġar Qim
This megalithic temple of Malta stands on a hilltop 14 km south of Valletta and was built during the Neolithic period using techniques that were highly advanced for the civilisations of the time. It is the only way to explain the presence of a megalith weighing 57 tonnes and measuring 5.2m in length. During the summer solstice, the elliptical hollow of one of these heavy blocks allows light to pass through to illuminate a slab just opposite. Is it just a coincidence?
3. Temple of Mnajdra
A short distance from the Temple of Ħaġar Qim is another limestone sanctuary, erected close to a cliff overlooking the islet of Filfla. This temple in Malta also displays a special alignment with the stars that is evident during the Spring and Autumn solstices, when its stone structures allow a beam of light to shine into the main hall. 
This megalithic complex is in a poorer state of preservation, but no less interesting for that. The temples are located in the northern part of Malta and, despite their state of ruin, the archaeological finds that have been made in the area are particularly interesting. Today, mostly artefacts and pottery remains. 
5. Temple of Ġgantija
This temple on the island of Gozo is notable for its well-preserved and original stone structures. The Ġgantija Temple is one of the most popular temples in Malta.  According to Maltese legends, the temple is said to have been built by supernatural creatures who used it as a place of worship. Several statues have been found inside the temple that could be representations of the mother goddess. Take an excursion in Malta to discover these amazing megalithic temples.

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