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The bad karma of Žrnov Fortress

The bad karma of Žrnov Fortress


Avala mountain

Secret History
"On top of Avala, the hill overlooking Belgrade, a mausoleum to the Unknown hero stands. Some say it looks like a pyramid. Knowing that both the commissioning king and the artist are believed to have been free masons, it definitely starts looking like a pyramid. But what is more mysterious is that the King decided to create a “blank canvas” on the hill for his friend the artist. So a two thousand years old fortress on top of the hill, Žrnov, was gone forever. None of the opposing voices were listened to, and in three days and with heavy explosives, the old fortress was gone. So was the king, by the way, a couple of months later in Marseille. Bad Karma. Talking about karma... a couple of decades later, Avala continued to take its toll. An airplane with high ranking Soviet officials, among which were Marshal Biryuzov and General Zhdanov crashed into the mountain and killed all passengers." 
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