30 rue Saint-Pères, Paris

Myths & Legends
You will never cross paths with anyone on this street. And with good reason. Measuring only 1.8 meters wide, it is the narrowest street in Paris. And at 26 meters long, it is also one of the shortest. But this is not why this street is well known. In the 15th century, a priest of the name of Dom Perlet traded in fish, accompanied by a talented black cat. With a swipe of its paws, the cat was able to catch fish from the Seine that flowed nearby. Convinced that the cat was bizarre, three students attempted one day to drown the cat in the river. Without success. The ending? It is said that the cat continues to terrorize the fish of the Seine. Perhaps it will cross your path on rue du Chat Qui Pêche (“cat-who-fishes” street). If you are lucky. And if you are skinny. Rue du Chat Qui Pêche, 75005 Paris
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