Discover like a local

From hotspots to hidden gems. With our local guides you can uncover some of Europe’s most impressive attractions.

When you visit one of our European destinations, use our digital guides to immerse yourself in the city by visiting, eating and drinking like the locals do. Choose one of our participating locations from below and book your stay today.

Satisfy your wanderlust in the picture-perfect streets and canals of Amsterdam

Explore the Amsterdam "Discover Local" map here.

Singular experiences and a laid-back liveliness await in Bristol

Explore the Bristol "Discover Local" map here.

Step into a world of enchantment as you roam royal gardens and oriental arcades in Bucharest

Explore the Bucharest "Discover Local" map here.

Pulsing with history, packed with excitement and brimming with flavour—soak it all up in Budapest

Explore the Budapest "Discover Local" map here.

Even when these stunning Scottish adventures make Edinburgh feel like the stuff of legends. 

Explore the Edinburgh "Discover Local" map here

Be captivated by Frankfurt’s dazzling skyline, gothic charm and tempting fusion cuisine. 

Explore the Frankfurt "Discover Local" map here

Whether you’re strolling picturesque medieval streets or putting on your dancing shoes in Krakow

Explore the Krakow "Discover Local" map here

Seek out these cultural treasures and best-kept corners you’ll love London all the more for. 

Explore the London "Discover Local" map here

Treasures from times long past are ready to welcome you into the colourful city of Timisoara

Explore the Timisoara "Discover Local" map here.

Whether you’re marvelling at Munich’s medieval beauty or tucking into hearty Bavarian fare. 

Explore the Munich "Discover Local" map here.

Vienna’s vistas, bejewelled cathedrals and easy-going café culture are calling. 

Explore the Vienna "Discover Local" map here.  

Ripe for discovery, Warsaw’s colourful streets lead to fabulously unexpected adventures. 

Explore the Warsaw "Discover Local" map here.  

Discover the unknown, the unique and the utterly iconic in the buzzing metropolis that is Berlin

Explore the Berlin "Discover Local" map here.  

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