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Discover Mercure

An authentic experience with a commitment to quality

In harmony with people and places A local & authentic experience

Whether by the sea, in the city or up in the mountains, each stay at a Mercure hotel is a new experience. Rooted in its surroundings, every hotel has its unique personality that is enhanced by its enthusiastic hoteliers, always offering a warm welcome and excellent knowledge. Come and discover our different hotels, in harmony with people and places.

Local inspiration for authentic experiences Travel in style

Every stay at a Mercure hotel offers a new expereince, with each hotel offering its own style and personality. Enjoy locally rooted design and decor which creates authentic and inspiring settings. Appreciate classic style with a modern twist or contemporary design. Give in to incomparable atmospheres and wonderful promises of escape.
Dive into an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else.

Friendly professionals Enthusiastic, genuine & convivial

Each and every one of our experienced members of staff is dedicated to providing a service that makes your stay unique. Thanks to their genuine sense of hospitality and their attention to every detail, they offer personalised service, going beyond guests needs. You will be charmed by the warm and convivial welcome of our hoteliers and by their local knowledge. Our staff are always on hand to help you discover exciting new places.

A Mercure for every guest

Different hotels with consistent quality

Whether you’re travelling for business, leisure or as a family we have a Mercure hotel that is perfect for you. Whether you are in a city, at the seaside or in the mountains Mercure hotels welcomes you to stay.

With more than 740 hotels in 56 countries, whatever you’ve got planned, experience a unique stay with Mercure. Our hotels are all different whilst always ensuring a consistent quality across our worldwide network. Pack your bags and explore the world!

Flavours from the cellar Uncover surprising new flavours

Mercure invites you to try a unique and inspiring selection of wines. Our ‘Flavours from the Cellar’ wine list contains a vibrant and refreshing range of wines from around the world. Uncover some surprising new flavours, well-known vintages and hidden gems carefully selected for our ‘Flavours from the cellar’ drinks list. Indulge your senses and discover the very best.